PGE Projects Throughout the Sacramento Valley are Supported by California Diamond Products

PGE and Natural Gas modernization projects

As PG&E works to replace outdated gas distribution lines throughout the Sacramento region, CDP continues to partner with several contractors working on these projects. From core drilling pot holes for directional boring, flat sawing a trench needed for excavation, generators and compaction equipment for pour back and remediation work, CDP provides it all. 

Construction Projects on PG&E infrastructure throughout our region are supported by CDP parts and supplies

PG&E is in the process of ongoing construction and maintenance on the natural gas system throughout our region. They operate, monitor and maintain the approximately 6,750 miles of gas transmission pipelines across California. With safety their top priority, they’re modernizing their distribution lines with a number of projects throughout the region, like upgrading to plastic pipelines, proven to be more flexible and reliable. Noticed some work in your area? PG&E and contractor projects involve digging and cutting in order to access the pipeline and system. 

California Diamond Products is excited to be working with a number of the contractors providing the work on these projects. From Sacramento to Yuba City, Elk Grove to Stockton, we’re working with local experts to get them top quality equipment and keep their teams stocked up on core bits and saw blades. We’re taking a moment to thank these partners, working to ensure your community has the safest, most reliable natural gas systems in the nation!

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