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CDP - Premium Concrete Grinding Wheels

Cup Wheels, Grinding Heads, Crack Chaser. 4” to 10”.

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CDP - Premium Stone Polishing

Polishing Pads All Grits, Wet/Dry.

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DIY 3-step floor polishing system. Floors will be smooth, shiny, and aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to maintain. Meets current traction/slip requirements. Grind with step 1 pads, apply liquid hardener, polish with step 2 pads, fine polish with step 3 pads, apply liquid sealer, and fine polish again with step 3 pads.

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Whatever level of finish you're looking for, California Diamond Products offers an array of tools developed for use with most materials. From the hardest concrete floor to the most abrasive, California Diamond Products tools meet the needs for grinding speed and surface finishes.