Are you meeting new OSHA requirements for dust control?

Find out how a CDP system could be the key

Are you meeting the new requirements for dust control? Find out how a CDP system could be the key

Dust control is something every construction site must account for. It’s especially important as we move into warmer months with less rainfall and more opportunity for dust to spread! Concrete drilling, sawing and polishing naturally leads to a heavier dust load than many other construction environments. You must be sure you’re meeting OSHA and local legal requirements for your sites at all times.

Continue reading to learn what the new changes are to the dust control regulations and learn how a dust control system can help you.  At every step, CDP is here to make sure you’re getting the right equipment for the job, so you can deliver the best work!

Dust Control Regulations

In 2018, new OSHA regulations changed the standards of crystalline silica particle control. Crystalline silica is a common mineral that is found in materials such as stone, artificial stone, and sand. When workers cut, grind, or drill materials that contain crystalline silica, or use industrial sand, they can be exposed to very small silica dust particles.

The new OSHA standards for general industry (29 CFR 1910.1053) require a number of security measures, including determining and limiting the amount of silica workers are exposed to, and implementing dust controls and safer work methods to protect workers from exposures above PEL. Local ordinances can also impact your construction site standards. Placer county also maintains dust control requirements like District Rule 228 to meet air pollution and health standards. Even the smallest amount of dust can create an unhealthy environment for employees and reduce productivity if layers of dust or slurry cover the floor.

Take Control of Your Site

California Diamond Products has a number of solutions for dust control. We know that no tool or system works for every site and crew, but we can help you customize your system to your needs and find the right tools for the projects you have.

Husqvarna Dust Control System

Your saw doesn’t have to be your dust headache – Husqvarna has a system for you. The K770 Vac Saw was specifically developed for concrete professionals and professional pavers. It enables superior dry cutting and performance in areas and environments with high dust and slurry restrictions. It meets new OSHA requirements when used properly and can eliminate the need for additional Shop Vac equipment. Utilize the best of Husqvarna’s dust management products and knowledge to achieve a dust and slurry free workplace.

Dust Vacuums

Sometimes it’s not one specific tool that creates the dust, and cleaning up after the fact is needed. Don’t panic, we’ve still got your back. With the range of Shop Vacuums we supply, we can find the perfect option for every situation. The Nikro Slurry Vacuum lets you provide a complete system for your construction site.

Tough durable tanks made of steel, high performance commercial industrial wet/dry vacuums – also complete with tool kit and 2 year Quality Assurance Warranty.

No matter what your need, California Diamond Products has the answer for you. Contact our team for our products above or to talk about getting a customized system in place that will keep your team safe and your site up to code.