Choosing A Diamond Saw Blade

What’s a diamond blade?

Each of our high-quality diamond blades has a steel core. They feature a segmented rim with diamond crystals, creating a blade strong enough to cut through asphalt, concrete, and other materials. The blade’s matrix is a metal bond that holds the diamonds in place until they wear away.

What are you cutting?

Match the blade to the material you’re cutting to maximize speed and the life of your diamond blade. For example, you may be looking for a concrete blade or an asphalt blade.

How are you cutting?

Using your blade wet reduces dust, which is important in abiding by OSHA regulations. Just make sure you have the right vacuum to clean up!

Is the blade compatible with your equipment?

Make sure your blade will work with the horsepower and rpm of your saw. Operating your blade at a lower speed than your saw can diminish its performance, exceeding it can damage the blade.